Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Cell Phone Photography

Hi Everyone

I know it's been a while since I posted anything. Nevertheless, I'm back!

This post is a follow up to the last on a shoot with an iPhone. I wanted to do a photoshoot to test the idea that a camera is as good as its user, by using a cell phone camera. I thought about using the iPhone 4, but that would be easy advantage since the phone boasts having one of the best cameras for a mobile device. So I decided to go with the HTC HD2 mobile phone instead.

I also scaled down to one light source with a soft box just to keep the setup as basic and easy to do for most peeps. The next step was to get my models. Just as easy as it was to get a camera (cell phone cam) from my friend Camilla, it was just the same to get my models. The aim of the game was to keep it simple.

I asked Chevonese and Dexter who happened to be around to just let me shoot them with the cellphone cam, with no makeup or styling; just plain old clothes.

So, equipped with my camera, my models, and my one light, I got cracking.

In case you are willing to try using your phone or a cheap cam to do a shoot you need to know some of the dufficulties you will face and how to correct these problems.

Images tend to be blurry and or soft:
Secure your phone to a tripod by tape or velcro. This doesn't elliminate motion blurr from moving subjects so have your model be as still as possible. Also, be prepared to do some post process sharpening

Colours and tone may be inconsistent: 
Be prepared to do some editing to colour correct the images, if that matters to you. In relation to the images below I desaturated them a bit to gain more controll over the inconsistent colours I got from the camera.

Images may be noisy (grainy photograph) and suffer from chromatic abberation (the green and purple lines in the edge of subjects):
Post processing may help to lessen this problem, and for some people this may not be a problem at all. Lessen the colour in the image and add some blur in photoshop or whatever editing software you use.

Below are the images I did with the HTC HD2 hope you find them exciting and inspiring to go create your own images with the best camera you have, i.e, the one that's with you (Chase Jarvis).