Sunday, July 17, 2011

Planking For Really Fun Photos


Don't know what that is? Just google it.

When I first heard about this idle craze, I knew I had to be a part of it.  So today I helped to organized possibly one of the biggest group planks in Jamaica!  I was on a commercial shoot with Mike Robinson from M Squared creative studio, who is a member of the Planking Society. Yes, there's an actual organization dedicated to this.

Mike mentioned his love for planking, and I've always wanted to try but got too busy. But leave it to Mike to find opportunity on our tight schedule.

Of course It had to be done bigger and so the suggestion was made that instead of doing the usual one man-one woman plank, to do a mass plank.  We got everyone involved from the Makeup artist to photo assist, producer, talent, art dept and client.  Turns out they were just as excited as Mike and I were.

And we took Planking to the streets!

Check it out!  One of the actual photos you are viewing made it to Planking Society.

And this is a cool way to make photography fun.  Enjoy the photos guys.