Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In the New York Times, and more...

It would be remiss of me if I didn't share with my readers and followers my recent developments.

Some of you may still not know that alongside Fashion and Commercial photgraphy, I'm also a Fine Art Photographer. In fact, it's as a result of my studying Painting at the Edna Manley College that I became involved in photography all together. Some people say that I'm multifaceted, I just call it being driven, well-rounded and bankable.

Recently, one the Caribbean's leading magazine, ARC Magazine, was kind enough to share a feature on me, written by Chevonese Fender. This feature truly delves into the core of my creative being, and discusses what stimulates my interests which eventually filters out into my Fashion and at times, commercial photography.  

Master and Slave, 2011(99'x42")--Comissioned-by-Small-Axe-Journal-in-association-with-the-Andy-Wharhol-Foundation

To learn more about my latest fine art project and the feature, you can check out the following link here: http://arcthemagazine.com/arc/2012/04/photography-untamed-the-method-to-marvin-bartleys-technique/

That being said, I've also had the previlige of working with the New York Times recently. I was solicited to shoot various scenes in Jamaica that represents our country's sublime beauty. In other words, the parts of Jamaica that we would usually overlook as the tourist attraction. This job took me and my assistat, F. Symister, to the beaches of Hellshire then to the north coast of Montego Bay to capture the Highland House.

Here are the results of that shoot, which can also be located on the NYTimes website.

Also, look out for my upcoming feature by Miss Fender on her blog, this thursday at
http://chevonesefender.blogspot.com/. IT WILL BE ALL ABOUT FASHION!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Las Bellas de Cuba

Last Year I took a trip with a few friends to Cuba, a place I've always been interested in going.
The visit was quite exciting. We visited the capital Havana, a grungy and antiquated, but beautiful city.
Quite noted was the beautiful people we met on a daily basis.  However it would have been remiss of us, if we left the country without photographing some of the beauty seen. 

The hair,  makeup and all was done by the very talented Dexter Pottinger and we were readily assisted by some local and newly acquainted friends.  

A very interesting thing happend the morning of the shoot. I realized that I didn't pack my fold-out reflectors and because of the time of day (around 10:00am) it would not have been possible to avoid the undesired and unflattering shadows that would fall on the models' faces. What a blunder!

A part of what makes a photographer is his ability to form solutions from unexpected variables. So, what did I do? Well most would guess foil paper wrapped over a board, but there was a problem. I asked around and the response was that they haven't seen foil paper in years! So it was down to Plan B. I remembered the old mirror in the room I was staying and knew right away that it would solve my shadow problem.  As you can see, it worked out perfectly.  

The unexpected!  Who would have thought that my reflector was replaced by a 60 year-old mirror! 


Makeup and Hair : Dexter Pottinger 
Models: Maria & Correo