Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Exciting Adventure In Downtown Kingston

Michael is a New York based photojournalist and videographer, specializing in travel, documentary and corporate photography. His photos tell powerful stories of people, illustrate vibrant experiences of places and capture the moments that define life.
He has covered assignments ranging from NASCAR in the Midwest to a murder investigation in Panama. Other projects have taken him to Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, Key West, Jamaica and Chile.
I was introduced to Michael through Nichole Allen because we all shared that similar bond of photography. Michael's experiences over the many years of doing photography has provided him a wealth of knowledge that he was more than willing to impart to the rest of us, so through Michael we hatched an Idea to group up and shoot anything of interest for a day. The original plan was to go to the parish of Portland but constraints in his time only allowed us to hang out for one evening so it was decided that downtown would be the place to go, hence the images in this post. 

Michael's trip to Jamaica was mainly to be the photographer for a friends wedding and he brought an arsenal of gears, but the camera I will be mentioning is the one used to shoot his images on our adventure downtown, the Leica M9 an amazing camera for an amazing photographer. 

Nichole Allen

Nichole is one of the most talented creative director I know who works at Waterworks advertising. Her artistic talent ranges from design and layout to concept development, direction and photography. Her love for photography cannot be questioned as over the years she has owned her craft by practicing various photographic style and equipping herself with quality gears, It still surprises  me that Nicole has more photo gear and lenses than I do and I'm a full time photographer. 

Her images were captured with the Fujifilm X100 a nimble and powerful camera. Try to see the story she presents especially in the image directly below with Scotiabank, I find it quite paradoxical and it gives you a glimpse into to the mind of this brilliant woman. 

Marvin Bartley

My images were shot with my canon t3i. Its So exciting that we all saw the same subjects in our own special way and thats one of the beauty of photography that makes me love it so much. We went down the same streets at the same time but the results were quite different.  

Chevonese is familiar to most of you who are in tune with my blog because shes been my model on multiple occassions. Her entusiasm for photography is one to be envied, her interest on the adventure Downtown reminded me of that pure and unbridled excitement that I had when I just started. She took loads of images not always caring about the technical components (an hinderance to experimentation), which worked in a very interesting way for her. Chevonese for me was able to take images that encouraged the viewers to step into her journey, this is somewhat expected because she's a writer. The best part of all of this was that her images were captured with a point and shoot camera, the Sony DSC-WX9.


  1. Love the idea, ya'll were pretty fearless though. Gotta say there are some things I wanna do and its the fact that i worry that I'll get relieved of my gear that i never end up risking it.

  2. Nice article Marvin. Wish I could have shared on your adventure. Hey Taylor get a Canon T3i like Marvin and shoot whoever try to relieve you of your gear! *jokes*

  3. Love this post! I think I'm gonna give that a try next time I'm in JA.

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