Friday, August 26, 2011

How to get your models to loosen up for some fun photos

How do I get everyone to loosen up and just have fun for the camera? 

Well, for me, it is as simple as starting with myself; because if you notice I'm a part of the craze. I strongly believe that a photographer's energy affects the outcome of his or her images. What you give to your models is what you get. If you want fun photos then just have fun yourself while doing the shoot. 

I took it a bit further and became one of the models which made it much easier for my friends to loosen up. That may not be your thing, but it doesn't hurt to loosen up and be crazy behind the camera. 

Also try doing these kind of photos with your friends first, as I did. Your friends are more likely to act or be crazy for you. 

Hope you like. 

Crazy Models:  In order of appearance
Chevonese Fender
Zjadaine Barnes
(Yours Truly) Marvin Bartley
Samantha Sergeant
KerryAnn Fender