Sunday, March 20, 2011

The iPhone Fashion Shoot

Hi guys

I stumbled across this video on youtube by FStoppers and it's about a fashion photoshoot with an iPhone. Now, you know how in the past and even now in some areas of the photo comunity it's taught that your gear has a lot to do with your  photo; and often times I'm asked the uninformed question about which camera is best. This video is a classic case that none of these things matter. It's all about your ability to use what's accessible to you and making it count.  So even a device as simple as an iPhone or in my case, an old olympus camera can create beautiful images.

In the video, the photographer made a rather funny remark about using any old olympus camera to shoot with, and naturally I laughed, knowing full well my first fashion publication, with Yendi Phillips, came from an Olympus e500--the first digital slr I ever owned. 

The shoot was produced in 2007 by then Chief Editor, Chevonese Fender for Collage--a magazine for the Art College(Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts) I attended.  Yendi, who was Miss Jamaica World that same year, did such a fabulous job that the story was run again months later in Ocean Style Magazine.  Apart from styling and make-up by Dexter Pottinger, Yendi rocked the shoot and for the record, so did my lil ol' Olympus.  

Tell me what you think of the images and the very interesting video by FStoppers .

Again guys its not about your equipment, it's about the creativity and use of what's available to you.

I've given myself the challenge of attempting what the photographer in the video did and actually do a fashion shoot with an iPhone.  Who knows, maybe I can even get it published.  I'll let you know how things turn out in a couple of weeks!  Any concept for a fashion shoot with an iPhone anyone?

Publication done with my Olympus e500 back in 2007 *_^

Makeup and Styling: Dexter Pottinger
Model: Yendi Phillips (2010 Miss Universe Runner-up) 
Story and Art Direction: Chevonese Fender

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

After thoughts

These images were the result of a test shoot with me and one of my favourite makeup artist, Dionne Law.  Ever so often there's a break in the norm of planning for a shoot, down to the colour of the blush and the direction of the light.  Happily though,  this shoot was not one of those days. It was mainly a bid to shoot for the heck of it.  Not wanting to control the outcome entirely, this shoot was pretty much on the spot spontaneity.  

This was also one of the projects that I enjoyed retouching. To my fellow photographers if you are not using a Wacom Tablet, please start! There's nothing like it for retouching your images.
Enjoy the images and as usual your comments are welcome.

Makeup: Dionne Law 
Models: Kadyan Salmon & Candice McCalla