Friday, July 15, 2011

Shooting for the heck of it!

So, recently I thought about the references I used to develop my knowledge and ability as a photographer, and there was this constant thought about why they are as good as they are. The most obvious answer is that these artists are all very talented and most dictionaries define talent as an innate ability, aptitude, or faculty to do. Nevertheless after that thought soaked in I realized that there are a lot of talented people around us, but very few are successful. So why is it that your innate ability to be good at something does not secure success? The answer boils down to constant practice. If you want to be a surgeon, pilot, engineer etc then you, without fail, must practice and it is no different if you want to be a photographer.

'Practice without fail'

It is said by so many that you are defined by what you do and its obvious why that is so, if you are a photographer then you should take photographs, edit and research in order to  develop your work beyond the stage it already is. 

Below are works from four of the artist that I reference for my work:

From left to right 
Hieronymus Bosch, Joel Peter Witkin, miles Aldridge and Matthew Barney.
There  works are pretty visually compelling and loaded with content. I think that this may be beneficial to some readers, so feel free to to research there works and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

In order for me to develop my photography I have begun a process off shooting every week for a publication or just for print.  These shoots are unrelated to the monitory part of my Marvin Bartley Photography, and is in a bid to develop new lighting tricks, concepts, and so on. Just me shooting for the heck of it. 

Below are images done while just test shooting two friends of mine, Sam and Sam. 
Sam the Teacher and Sam the Makeup Artist. I think they did pretty well. 

What do you think? 


     Makeup and Styling: Dexter Pottinger
     Model: Samantha Newby

       Makeup & Model:  Samantha Sergeant


  1. Great work Marvin...not that u ever do anything less than :)

  2. Awesome job! Great quality, great girls!

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