Thursday, January 12, 2012

Las Bellas de Cuba

Last Year I took a trip with a few friends to Cuba, a place I've always been interested in going.
The visit was quite exciting. We visited the capital Havana, a grungy and antiquated, but beautiful city.
Quite noted was the beautiful people we met on a daily basis.  However it would have been remiss of us, if we left the country without photographing some of the beauty seen. 

The hair,  makeup and all was done by the very talented Dexter Pottinger and we were readily assisted by some local and newly acquainted friends.  

A very interesting thing happend the morning of the shoot. I realized that I didn't pack my fold-out reflectors and because of the time of day (around 10:00am) it would not have been possible to avoid the undesired and unflattering shadows that would fall on the models' faces. What a blunder!

A part of what makes a photographer is his ability to form solutions from unexpected variables. So, what did I do? Well most would guess foil paper wrapped over a board, but there was a problem. I asked around and the response was that they haven't seen foil paper in years! So it was down to Plan B. I remembered the old mirror in the room I was staying and knew right away that it would solve my shadow problem.  As you can see, it worked out perfectly.  

The unexpected!  Who would have thought that my reflector was replaced by a 60 year-old mirror! 


Makeup and Hair : Dexter Pottinger 
Models: Maria & Correo


  1. I'm so loving this that I'm jealous and want to be a model lol..Great job darling, your talent is shining as it was meant to...blessings

  2. Muy bueno! cantando "Represent Cuba"

  3. Oh my god I love these! when i read your post and saw that you used the mirror I was like "THATS WHAT IT IS!" I kept looking at the photos trying to figure out what light you were using, and what kind of modifier you used and why angle the light the way you did in a few of the pics, etc. I love these photos I really REALLY do even more now that I know it was a mirror! Truly wonderful work Marvin. Can't wait to see your next post!

  4. Thanks guys I'm so happy to see that you like the post. Danielle I'm happy you like the mirror reflector idea. I will make sure the next post is done soon. Thanks guys

  5. Wow these are beautiful and even more intriguing now that I read that they were done in Cuba. So those are real flowers?