Tuesday, March 8, 2011

After thoughts

These images were the result of a test shoot with me and one of my favourite makeup artist, Dionne Law.  Ever so often there's a break in the norm of planning for a shoot, down to the colour of the blush and the direction of the light.  Happily though,  this shoot was not one of those days. It was mainly a bid to shoot for the heck of it.  Not wanting to control the outcome entirely, this shoot was pretty much on the spot spontaneity.  

This was also one of the projects that I enjoyed retouching. To my fellow photographers if you are not using a Wacom Tablet, please start! There's nothing like it for retouching your images.
Enjoy the images and as usual your comments are welcome.

Makeup: Dionne Law 
Models: Kadyan Salmon & Candice McCalla 


  1. I don't know if I like this Marvin...ah dunno, I've seen better from you. JUST KIDDING! THIS IS AWESOME. Clean and beautiful. Good job too Dionne.

  2. I really need Kadyan to call me about something important, if you could get me her phone number...